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Harmonising Humans and AI for a Brighter Future


The future of AI and technology in the workforce lies in a holistic or generative AI approach. With three decades of expertise in IT, we can assist businesses on their path to success, fostering a hybrid workforce of humans and AI chatbots that work together to augment each other’s abilities. Use our Chatbot HAL 9001 to find out more about Holistic Artificial Intelligence. 

Holistic AI (HAI)
Key points to focus on

Business Leaders face new sets of expectations and efficiency challenges. Generative AI can help organisations to meet those expectations and challenges. Contact us for more information. 

Below are the key challenges.


Investors expect new sources of growth and better margins. A future proof strategy with holistic AI can generate new investors and make informed decisions.


Customers will leverage holistic AI in their daily lives and expect companies to do the same. Increasingly users want the best results instantly.


Employees will leave organisations where humans are doing work that generative AI could handle.


The main challenges for executives identifying where and how generative holistic AI benefits the organisation.

Benefits of Holistic AI

      • improved customer experience
      • increased operational efficiency
      • data-driven insights
      • enhanced decision-making
      • automate repetitive tasks
      • analyse large volumes of data

Major adopters of holistic AI include technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM and healthcare organisations like medical imaging, personalized medicine, and financial services.


Services we offer

We provide complete life cycle support for your cloud computing and AI journey. From the first consultation and evaluations to the choice of suppliers, best-of-breed solution design, execution, and technical project management. Utilising thirty years of experience working with top global corporations. We offer thorough reports determining the maturity levels of your company to implement AI. We identify any gaps, and develop a business case for implementing AI  to improve business capability and efficiency, while protecting your human resources and upholding ethical standards. 

Holistic AI Consultancy

We provide all-inclusive support for your sales and AI integration teams, acting as dependable partners in the AI and Cloud domains. We ensure the best possible outcomes for your company with our consulting, strategic planning, AI implementation, and presale services.

Technical Project

Concerns about integrating holistic AI may exist among individuals and companies. We offer skilled project managers with over thirty years of experience to help with our solution implementation. Our project managers are skilled in Agile, SCRUM, and rapid development and deployment. We provide change management support to help you keep your personnel together. 

Social Media

We provide guidance, best practice and support with Social Media campaigns.

Marketing Consultancy

We can support you with your marketing strategy. We can help evaluate the effectiveness of your present marketing and assist in developing a more robust marketing strategy.


How our consultancy works

The best part of engaging us is about working together.

Initial Engagement

Reach out to us via email, phone, or the contact form. We will schedule a preliminary meeting to go over your needs. After the evaluation, we will send you a comprehensive report verifying your requirements and a schedule for initiating the AI implementation journey along with some suggestions. If you're satisfied, we'll move forward with providing you with full support during your journy to implement AI at a reasonable cost.

In-depth Consultancy

Working with your teams we assess the best use of AI for your organisation. We present options and a short and medium plan to achieve your goals.

Expert Consultancy

Expert consultancy and ongoing support to ensure effective Program Plans, Project Plans.

Technology Optimisation Consulting

AI, machine learning, and data are becoming the most valuable resources for all organisations, regardless of their industry, as technology advances quickly. With more than thirty years of experience, we can assist you in navigating the intricate web of what will yield the best outcomes for your organisation and support you as you go toward change management. Request a free consultation.

Latest Technology News and Trends

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Research paper summary. The future of holistic AI (HAI) and the use of carbon-based amorphous organic polymers that conduct electricity.

Research paper summary. The future of holistic AI (HAI) and the use of carbon-based amorphous organic polymers that conduct electricity.

Use of amorphous organic polymer that conducts electricity. making an organic polymer that retains its conductive properties without needing to have an ordered structure so it can self-heal. Self-grow and act as neurons in the human brain for use with Holistic AI.

Holistic AI could raise global GDP by 7% according to Golman SACHS

Holistic AI could raise global GDP by 7% according to Golman SACHS

Breakthroughs in holistic artificial intelligence have the potential to bring about sweeping changes to the global economy, according to Goldman Sachs Research.As tools using advances in natural language processing work

Busting the myths around AI

Busting the myths around AI

What is Holistic AI?Holistic AI refers to an approach in artificial intelligence that aims to create systems that can understand and interact with humans in a more comprehensive and human-like

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