HAL-9001 AI

Seed Investment

Holistic AI Consultants (Registered company) operating as X-Hal, Kuldeepuk-Kohli.com and infoAI.uk are happy to announce the first round of seed investment negotiations. While its early days we are proud that tech funds are recognising our ground breaking work in Holistic AI (HAI).
This is for the continued research into carbon-based polymers for Holistic AI and neural Networks as well as consultancy and support on Holistic AI (HAI).
Fund – Concept Ventures
Concept Ventures is the UK’s largest dedicated Pre Seed fund, supporting founders changing how we Work, Play and Learn.
Concept Ventures are the largest dedicated UK pre-seed fund, helping founders reshape how we work, play and learn. As first-cheque investors, they write up to £750k initially- supporting to Series-A and beyond.
Companies they have supported include

For early doors investment opportunities with us email us at: